Primary objective of HQPeAk is to strive toward the delivery of High Quality IT solutions in a quick and efficient manner.

HQPeAk is represented by a team of young and enthusiastic professionals distinguish by:

This is why HQPeAk can guarantee quality in every element of the service or the product you seek:

All delivered products and services will meet deadline and will be well documented in English.

Keep climbing with our team to reach the peak of High Quality!

Why us ?

Over the years experience gained throughout work and education, the members of this team have accomplished expertise in several areas:

Web 2.0 applications development

Streaming solutions by using open source and commercial software. You choose, we provide!

Software testing

We are proficient to perform software testing by several methods on different software solutions:

Penetration testing

Performed by hand forensic and issue discovery as well as using tools and exploits delivered by Metasploit framework and BackTrack OS distribution.

You need research, concept or proof of concept ?

Special accent is given to self-initiated continuous research of new technologies and products. Even more, we engender our own products.

Therefore our laboratory is proficient to perform a special research according to the needs of your business. Concept, proof of concept, optimized current solution or prototype solutions are the deliverables of the research. These solutions can be then transferred to successful production in any service department, world-wide.


Tor exit nodes enumeration service. Go to the project.

Contact information

If you have any questions, suggestions or business proposal, feel free to contact us.